Pix4D Capture App/3DR Solo/Drone2Map for ArcGIS

Here's what you need to fly a mission and process it in Drone2Map for ArcGIS.

  • 3DR Solo Smart Drone

    Use with a GoPro® HERO3, 3+ and 4.

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  • Pix4D Capture App

    Free mission planning app that runs on Android devices.

    Note: The 3DR Solo is only supported in the Android version of this app.

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  • Drone2Map for ArcGIS

    Drone2Map for ArcGIS creates professional imagery products from still photos captured by drones.

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  • Pix4D Capture with 3DR Solo for Drone2Map How-To

    A copy of this How-To can be downloaded in Microsoft Word format here: Drone2Map Pix4D Capture/3DR Solo How-To Document

  • 1. Plan a Grid Mission in the Pix4D Capture app

    In the settings menu set the angle to 90 degrees, vertical. Set the overlap to at least 80%

    Help with planning the mission in Pix4D Capture can be found here: (Android) Pix4Dcapture - Getting Started

  • 2. Fly the mission

    In the settings menu set the angle to 90 degrees, vertical. Set the overlap to at least 80%

  • 3. Copy the Images from the GoPro SDCard

    In the settings menu set the angle to 90 degrees, vertical. Set the overlap to at least 80%

  • 4. Copy the Pix4D Project file from the Android device

    Download the P4D File from your Android device at:

    /Internal Storage/Pictures/Project_#####/Mission_#####_####/Mission_#####_####.p4d

    The file will be named with the mission number named in the Pix4D Catpure App. For example: Mission_####_#####.p4d

  • 5. Use P4D2CSV to geolocate the imagery

    Download here: P4D2CSV Application (Windows)

    Unzip and Start the application

    Browse to the *.p4d file

    This app converts P4D files captured by the PIX4D Capture App to a comma delimited image location file.

    Currently the P4D file does not contain the correct image file names. Enter the number of the first image on the GoPro into the "Start Image Number" box to correct this.

    For example for: GOPR0472.JPG enter 472. Enter 0 to use the name in the P4D file.

    P4D2CSV will not write lat/lon/alt EXIF tags into the images. It will write the Image Name, Lat, Lon, Alt into a file named Mission_####_#####.csv in the same folder as the *.p4d file. This CSV file can be used in Drone2Map to geolocation the images.

  • 6. Process in Drone2Map

    Drone to map: Drone2Map for ArcGIS

    Create a new project (Rapid, 2D Mapping or 3D Mapping).

    Add the images to the project and then browse to the Mission_####_#####.csv file created above.

    Since the altitude captured from the GPS in the Solo were Ellipsoidal select “WGS 1984 Ellipsoid” in the Vertical Reference drop down.

    Note: If you are generating a 3D Mesh to publish in ArcGIS Online. The option “Output Heights: Convert Ellipsoidal To Orthometric” in Processing Options will convert the 3D Mesh to Orthometric and it will display correctly in ArcGIS Online.

    Use Processing Options to select the 2D and 3D products you want to create and click “Start” to run processing.